Hey there, I'm Esther! I'm a hair stylist in the East Bay, living a sincere, realistically messy life and surviving on excessive amounts of coffee and sarcasm. I'm obsessed with my motorcycle, my oversized polydactyl cat, and sharing my secrets with other hairstylists.


Going on year twelve.

I have been painting strands and chopping locks for over 11 years now, and I still love it just as much as I imagined that I would before I started. I get to spend my day with badass women who have amazing stories to tell and trust me to touch their hair, I mean.. what could be better?


Connecting with others

I live to hear peoples stories of struggle, change, triumph, fear and love. I'm a firm believer in that when we share the tough stuff, we connect on a level so much deeper than the surface. I share little bits of myself and my struggles because I know that picture perfect lives are not real, and girl, I like real. I want to be the catalyst for other women to say "I don't need to hide this part of me anymore" because I firmly believe that we need more truth. Empowered women empower women, am I right?


The best knowledge is shared.

Along the same lines, I believe that the best knowledge is the kind that is shared. I work diligently to inspire other hairstylists who are in the process of pushing their careers forward. This is an industry where we never stop learning, and I believe that expanding our knowledge keeps us afloat. I share tips, tricks, tactics, and inspiration so that other stylists are able to learn the easy way.