Battling the anxiety of big projects

hairstylist: how to battle anxiety with big projects

Color corrections. Full transformations. Texture you haven’t dealt with before. New clients with 22 pounds of hair that seem like they don’t trust you already. Ohhhh, projects. We love them and we hate them, or… maybe that’s just me. I’ll be honest: I live for color corrections. They are my absolute favorite service to preform behind the chair (if I have literally no other clients that day.) Even with loving them to the extent that I do, I still feel the fear of them. I get those cold sweats and the nervousness and the panic that starts to rise in your chest when you’re staring down at an at home bleach job with bands galore that you now have to (somehow) fix. I also have ways to make this easy on you. Okay, not easy, but… less panic filled, perhaps.

  1. Have a solid consultation. Pull out all the stops. I’m talking swatches, pictures, lengthy discussions. Schedule at least 30 extra minutes just to talk, this is so vital to the process. This will allow you to calm fears, set expectations, and give clear guidelines for how the service is going to go and what the cost is going to look like.

  2. Use a waiver if you’re nervous. I have waivers on hand at all times just in case I’m working on really difficult projects. This isn’t to say that I will go slapping lightener on someone who it doesn’t belong on, but I do want to make sure I’m protected during the whole process.

  3. Map out the whole process. I highly suggest doing the consultation prior to the appointment day and/or at the very least getting full pictures and having a mini consult via phone, text, or email. This will help you develop a clear plan ahead of time and ensure that you have everything you may need for the service. Making a solid plan for your process will ease your mind and give you much higher chances of success.

  4. Don’t book other people. If the project is sincerely anxiety inducing, I suggest having that client on a day when you don’t have others. The last thing you want to do is run in to a situation where you’re 20 minutes from your next client and the color correction still has lightener on her head. It will put you way more at ease to know that this client is your only focus for the day.

  5. Schedule it earlier in the day. Corrections and projects are time consuming and exhausting, if your brain power isn’t at it’s highest capacity you’ll be on the floor by the end of it. I won’t take a color correction passed 2pm, and honestly, I prefer to have them started at 10 or 11am when my mind is functioning at it’s best.

  6. Set realistic expectations. Don’t tell your client that you can get them to their ultimate #hairgoals in one appointment if you’re sincerely doubting it. Projects of a certain volume need to be broken up in to multiple appointments - which will also allow you to breathe easier. Over promise and under deliver; the best motto there is when it comes to corrections or projects.

Other than that: take deep breaths, eat a good meal, drink tons of water, and ask for help from other stylists if you need it. Bookmark this one for the next time you’ve got an anxiety-inducing project on your books!