Why you NEED to have add-on services


Maybe you’re not ready to raise your prices yet, but you’re books aren’t full enough to be making a “good” wage. Maybe you’re finding that you’re not retaining clients as much, and you need a way to get them coming back in. Add-on services in the salon industry are are huge for multiple reasons, and this time of year is the perfect time to start offering them. These can range from extended head massages to deep conditioning treatments and everything in between. Get creative with what you offer, and you’ll find your wallet is heavier and your books are busier.

The first thing you want to do is brain dump all possible add ons. Make a list in your phone’s note section or on paper of things that could up your clients experience or that you think YOU would enjoy if you were a client. Ask yourself these three questions to find out what qualifies as something you could be charging for:

“Does it take added time?”

“Does it require extra product?”

“Does it give them something their normal service doesn’t include?”

If 2/3 of these are yes, put it on a menu and charge for it. A few of my favorite are bond protectors added to color services, glossing added to root touch ups, deep conditioning treatments added at the end of a shampoo, etc.

The second thing you’ll want to do is figure out what price point to charge them at. I like to do a little market research and find out what other salons in my area charge for these and find an average. Then I figure in the cost of my time and product used to make sure it offers me a decent profit.

The third thing you need to do is offer it! Assess your clientele. Take a look at their hair or their current situation and think about what they might need or enjoy having. Your brittle blonds need a bonding treatment and a deep conditioner, your client who just had a baby needs an extended scalp massage to help her relax. You’re new male client might like his grays blended at the bowl. If you’re not offering these things to them you’re missing out on huge amounts of income and impact.

So: Brainstorm, research, and offer. It’s that easy!

Esther ChapmanComment