High stress of the holidays and how to cope


Well friends, here we are.. knee deep in what I like to call “holiday hell.” Ok, it’s not that bad.. and it usually means higher profit weeks so maybe we can celebrate that. But if you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to overbook yourself, overwork yourself, and run in to total burn out half way through December. I’m here to help you avoid that, if at all possible.

  1. Make all of your clients rebook through January, starting in October. (I know, i’m late.. sorry.) This ensures their spot long before the stress hits (which lowers the amount of frantic text messages you’ll get) and also has them scheduled for the new year when things tend to slow down for some stylists. Win-Win.

  2. Schedule yourself a 30 minute lunch everyday. Once November hits we tend to start pulling what feels like all nighters but are actually just our average 12 hour day, packed with a couple extra clients and a lot less breaks. Take care of yourself first so that you can take care of your clients adequately. Plus, the salon can be buzzing hard this time of year which means you might just need 30 minutes outside in the quiet to recollect yourself. You can go back to doing 10 long ass hours without breaks in January, if you so wish.

  3. Make sure all of your clients are aware of your cancelation, no show, and late policy. This is an extra vital time of year where we really don’t have the wiggle room to be starting people after our 15 minute window or getting Susan in on Friday when she was booked for Tuesday. It holds them accountable and will hopefully inspire them to try their absolute best to keep their appointment and show up on time.

  4. Now is the time to push those add-on services and product sales. It’s not only us that are stressed out (shocker, I know.) Give your clients a reason to treat themselves by adding on a deep conditioning service or scalp massage, they will thank you for the reminder that they matter, too - and you’ll make a little extra money. Professional lines typically retail holiday kits this time of year that offer your clients a chance at a free product or a discounted way to try the ones they’ve refused to buy - make sure you’re letting them know whats available. People also love to buy these as gifts, so it’s a great way to help them mark some people off their holiday list.

  5. Decide what days you’re taking off for the holidays and stick to your guns. Our days off this time of year are extra valuable. We have family we need to spend time with, rest we need to catch up on, and 2019 plans that need to be made. Give yourself down time and turn that phone to silent if you find yourself sidetracked by texts and calls from clients.

Got any other tips that help you through the holiday season behind the chair? Comment below and let us all know!

Esther ChapmanComment