What 2018 has taught me


It’s been one hell of a year. I’ve learned a lot through trial and error this year, and I want to highlight reel some of that for you so that you can take something home from my own lessons.

  1. What people think about you doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does.

    Actually, I’m still learning this. I’ve struggled with my self confidence and my concern over others perception with me my whole life, but it really came to a head this year. I took a good hard look at all the things I don’t do out of fear of what other will think and it was a staggering view.

    There will always be critics, but I firmly believe now that no one is as worried about what you’re doing or how you’re doing it than yourself. I also believe that the ones who are criticizing you have no place in your field of vision. They’re only there because of some deep rooted issues in their own world, and it doesn’t have to have an impact on how you operate. With this hard learned lesson finally drilling itself in to my brain, i’m ready to take some jumps in 2019 that I refrained from in 2018.

  2. Hard work is important, rest is equally as important.

    I’ve always had good work ethic. I work A LOT, and I work diligently. I show up on time and I do my part. As i’ve gotten older this has translated to home as well, which means that i’ve somehow managed to push rest way out of my framework.

    Finding a work-life-rest balance is very very difficult. Especially when you’re the bread winner. Especially when there are children involved. Especially when you’re trying to form a second business while still running the first. But i’ve shown myself this year that burnout is REAL and that I can’t work to my fullest potential if I don’t give myself the time to recover in between. Sometime’s its as easy as putting my phone away while I eat dinner, other times it’s taking a whole day to myself and saying “I’m not going to touch anything work related today.” It’s hard, but it’s important.

  3. Negativity breeds negativity

    I’ve been around a lot of negativity this year. A lot of selfishness, a lot of complaining, a lot of woe-is-me. And hey, I’ve played the game equally and i don’t consider myself innocent in this. But I’ve really seen the affects of how misery loves company and realized that I don’t want to be someone who breeds that type of energy. When you’re on the other side of things you get a different vision - and the persistent negativity is so ugly.

    This is not to say that we can’t have our bad days, spend a little time dwelling in the feeling of worry, or get stressed out. It’s more to say that I have learned to be more aware. I’ve started asking myself “what good will come of my attitude towards this?” or “Is the way i’m feeling valid and healthy?” It sheds light on your own feelings and separates the ones that are reactionary and toxic from the ones that are worth processing.

So there ya have it, three of my biggest lessons from the past 12 months. I think it’s important to take a look back at your year and review what changes you went through and how you grew so that you can have a sort of appreciation for what transpired. Now i’m just excited to get a head start on my goals in 2019 and see how I can transform this year. Cheers, friends!

Esther ChapmanComment