The five apps every hairstylist needs


Marketing yourself on social media can seem daunting when you’re staring at what seems like hundreds of beautiful, curated, perfect feeds from other stylists. But I promise you it’s easier than it seems. All you need are a few good apps, and a little time to plan..

For the last year I have put a ton of effort in to trying to perfect my social media feeds. Actually, I’m still working diligently at it. Every time I catch on and get something right it feels like Instagram has rolled out a new feature or changed their algorithm. I’ve tried all the apps, with all the bells and whistles, paid or free. After the course of the last year I’ve narrowed my process down to about 5 apps that I use consistently and that are tried and true when it comes to helping you stay on top of your social media game.

  1. Canva

    This is my absolute favorite app and desktop site right now. Yep, they’ve got both. If you’re like me and you’re spread across different platforms, you need Canva in your life. Canva has easy to use and customizable templates for anything from facebook banners to pinterest graphics and everything in between. There is a free and a paid version, but if you’re sticking to basics, the free is just fine. This one is a gold mine, friends .. and it’s super user friendly.

  2. Unfold

    Unfold is my go-to app for creating beautiful Instagram stories. With it’s straightforward and simple design you’re able to create seamlessly curated story feeds and you can preview them before you save. (Tip: I use this to plan out my stories if I’m doing a consecutive run.) I like to use this as my base template and then add things like stickers, gifs, and hashtags once i’m in the instagram app.

  3. Plann (or any other grid planning app.)

    Plann is my go-to for planning out my grid. Though I’m not the best at planning all of my posts ahead of time, it does inspire me to make sure it fits BEFORE i put it on Instagram. You can also edit through the app, plan out stories, and view insights. I was warned that Plann would only work with business accounts starting in December - but if you’re using Instagram to promote your work and gain a clientele, I suggest switching to a business account anyways.

  4. Retouch

    I literally use this app for one thing and one thing only, but it’s the only one i’ve found that does it effectively and works on mobile… and that is: removing pesky background objects. Things like dangling cords, frames on an otherwise white wall, or a pile of hair in your picture can really distract from the beauty that is the hair itself. This app allows you to easily highlight what you want removed, and wa-la, the background is clean!

  5. Layout for Instagram

    Layout is great for creating side by sides of a before and after. I don’t typically post these in my grid, but I do use them in my stories and Layout makes it super easy to do. You can also add borders, mirror the images, or flip them around. I believe you can do this within the app it self, but I prefer it as a stand alone so that I can reuse the content for other platforms.

And there ya have it, my current 5 favorite apps for editing and planning across all platforms. Have any favorites of your own? Comment below and share with us!

Esther Chapman2 Comments