Why every hairstylist should have a website


Marketing yourself on social media has become a huge part of our industry. From instagram to facebook groups and yelp reviews, we’ve got our hands full trying to balance it all. Is a website really necessary? The answer: Absolutely.

The thing about social networking sites or apps like instagram or facebook is that although we feel like we’re in control - we’re not. At any moment Instagram could crash and all of your hard earned work on gaining followers and getting engagement is gone. Now what? Having a website gives your clients a landing place for reaching and interacting with you that is yours, and yours alone. Here are my top reasons for creating your own personal website, with some tips on how to go about it.

  1. Branding yourself

    Sometimes you can get lumped in to your salons brand even if it doesn’t necessarily resonate with you. Sometimes your salon doesn’t have a brand. Building your own website gives you a chance to extend your branding from places like instagram outwards to something that is all your own. Having your own website allows you to highlight what you feel is important while offering your clients a chance to take a deeper dive in to what makes you, well.. you.

  2. Added Exposure

    There is no better way to gain a clientele that making sure you’re visible on every platform, and that includes google searches. Learning how to optimize SEO and google keywords on your website gives you another chance at being seen by those that may not be searching on social networks. Yes, people still use google and yes, you need to be visible there.

  3. Booking

    If you already offer online booking it’s really easy to add a button to your website that clients can click through to book with you. Having one on the front page that says “Book Now” has the ability to grab peoples attention who may just be browsing and turn them in to paying clients. People may not know how to find your online booking platform if it’s not laid out simply for them - and a website allows you to do just that.

  4. Control

    This is similar to the #1 reason which is branding yourself. Having your OWN personal website outside of your salons website allows you control over what is visible and what isn’t. Maybe you want to add a gallery of your work, or testimonials from clients who loved their hair. Creating your own website puts you front and center and gives you full control. Who doesn’t love that?

  5. Accesibility

    You want to make sure that you have a sure-fire way for your clients to find you in the event that something happens. I don’t like to encourage the game of “worst case scenario” too often, but it can help you see the light in this scenario. Say your salon randomly goes out of business, Instagram crashes, and all you have is your cell phone with a few of your clients numbers saved. Hopefully you have a backup way to access all of your clients info, but if you don’t then you want those people to be able to find you again. If they can do a simple google search of your name which leads them to your website, you’re golden. If all that pops up when they google search your name is your old salons phone number, you’re not so golden. We need to be as easily accessible for our clients at all times. Building your own website allows your clients to find you, reach out to you, and book appointments with you regardless of outside factors.

If those five reasons just got you in the mood to start creating, I encourage you to check out sites like www.squarespace.com that allow you to DIY it. It’s the most cost effective way to create a beautiful website, and the templates make it pretty fool proof. Drop a comment with a link to your website if you have one so the rest of us can get some inspo!

Esther ChapmanComment