How I set business goals, and (sometimes) stick to them.


Maybe you set business goals for yourself on the first of the year, maybe you only set personal goals, or maybe you didn’t set any. I decided to wait until the end of January to create this post because I wanted to make sure you knew that you can create new goals for yourself any time you want to. Maybe it’s midnight on a Tuesday, or on a Sunday morning in March. There are no rules and regulations for when you should be setting new goals, or when you can start over. I do, though, have some insight in to how to create them and how to keep at them… specifically your behind the chair business goals.

  1. The creation:

    The creation of your goals should be exciting and should be done when your brain has time to be clear about your intentions. You want to find time to set your intentions and goals either alone, or with someone whose sights are in line with yours. Someone who will cheer you on, influence you to dream even bigger, and be a supportive in those goals. No nay-sayers or envy riddled people allowed at your goal setting party, okay?

    I like to start by examining my work/business history and seeing where I can improve, and what I want to see with those improvements. Financial goals, client number goals, building or marketing goals.. all of these are great places to start and if you’re keeping track of your business at all you should have a good idea on your own history and numbers. There are no goals that are too big, or too luxurious.

    One way I love to set goals is to make a vision board. Want to earn more money? Write a check to yourself in the amount you want to make. Want to switch salons? Find a picture of your dream salon and add it to the board. Want to take more classes? Put those bad boys up there.

    As much as I love vision boards I also believe in taking it further by setting dates and making a plan of action for yourself. Goals are not achieved without work. If you want more money you’re going to want to break that down in to ways that you can make more money: like raising your prices or investing in better marketing strategies and classes to get more clients in your chair. Keep breaking down your goals until the steps are bite sized and achievable. Next, schedule those bite sized plans in a planner. Maybe on Monday you’ll start by planning your instagram posts with more intention, and Tuesday you’ll take a look at your prices and see where the increases need to happen. Little steps can take you extremely far when it comes to creating the life and business you want.

  2. Sticking to it:

    Once you’ve got all your goals chopped up in to doable tasks and scheduled in your calendar, you should be able to follow through much easier. But if you’re anything like me you’ll get lazy, and skip your Monday task a couple of weeks in.. and then you’ll skip Tuesday because you skipped Monday, and eventually all of those tasks are just random notes in your calendar.

    When this happens I encourage you to be self aware enough to know that you’re slipping, and care enough to go back to the drawing board. Look at your vision board and remember all of those goals and the importance of them, the WHY behind them. Go through the big goals one by one and write your “why” next to each one. If the goals are in line with your values, this should help to get you inspired again.

    Now that you’ve got your reasons for your goals clear in your mind, you can go back to your calendar and start where you left off. Rewrite and replan if you need to, but don’t overthink this. You’ve already done the hard work by planning out your bite sized pieces of growth and now you just have to reimplement it. Listen, I fall off A LOT. I get lazy A LOT. but I never let that deter me from continuously getting back in to my groove. I accept my laziness, sit with it for a while, and jump right back in.

    Another great way to keep yourself on track is to have an accountability partner. This can be your partner, your best friend, a coach, or whoever has your best interest at heart and is good at giving a little tough love. Set up a time each week to talk with them and share your goals with each other. Hold each other accountable for the tasks you have written down for that week so that you both stay on track. Nothing will get me moving on my tasks faster than having someone else count on me or expect me to get those things finished.

    Join a facebook group that’s in line with your goals and/or find a podcast that’s based around those goals. Bonus points if you do both. These are both great ways to keep your motivation high and to feel like you have a system of support or a community of others working towards the same goals. Example: If your big goal is to build a full clientele made up of your ideal clients, and your bite sized task is to make your instagram top notch by posting 5 times a week, find a podcast based around instagram marketing and listen to it at least weekly. (Start of the week is best.. it’ll set the tone for your motivation through the following business days.)

I want you to know that you will fall off, because we all do. But I also want you to know that you can restart any time you feel ready again, and that there is a lot of power in the small steps and that you’ll get there if you’re willing to just try. If you’re working on specific business goals right now, I would love to hear about them! Comment below and let us know what they are so that we can cheer you on!

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