How successful hairstylists market themselves for free


Want to build your clientele faster than you have been? I’ve got a secret... Instagram is not the only feasible way to market yourself as a hairstylist. Shocking, I know. Yes, you should have an instagram page. It’s a super useful platform that most of your ideal clients are looking at multiple times a day. Instagram is also highly saturated in our industry, so you need to be marketing yourself on other platforms as well. I’ve compiled the list below so that you can get started on getting your name out there in more ways than one ASAP.

  1. Facebook

    Facebook is also highly saturated and is a sister site to instagram, so a lot of the features are similar. The difference is the users that are on facebook. If your ideal client is hiding on facebook you need to have a business page for yourself so that you can promote your work and reach those potential clients. You should also have one even if you think your ideal client isn’t hiding out there. (hint: you’re probably wrong.)

  2. Linked-in

    Linked-in is like going to a networking event full of professionals. You may not be looking for a new employer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with other professionals in a slew of different fields. These people can be potential clients also. Bonus: not super saturated, especially in our industry.

  3. Yelp reviews

    If your clients aren’t coming from instagram, they’re most likely coming from Yelp. Good reviews and a good salon will get your chair filled faster than anything else. No, don’t be scammy and offer discounts in turn for reviews. I just want you to tell your current, loyal clients that you would love their honest feedback on yelp. Then sit back and watch the appointments roll in.

  4. Your own website

    I talked all about this one here, but basically: you want to show up in a google search, k? Get on it, friends.

  5. Word of mouth

    Please don’t leave this one behind. This is more important than yelp. Word-of-mouth reviews are personal, and friends listen to friends (most of the time.) Give your clients a point of conversation by making sure their experience in your salon is nothing short of amazing.(More on that here.) They will talk, and by talk I mean they will refer all of their family and all of their friends and sometimes strangers right in to your chair. Wa-la, marketing at its finest.

I highly encourage you to show up on as many platforms as possible when you’re building so that you can reach all of the potential clients. If you implement all of these, I guarantee that your books will start to fill faster than you imagined they could. Happy (free) marketing, friends!

Esther ChapmanComment