The know, like, trust factor.. and how to use it behind the chair.


The know, like, trust factor is something a lot of businesses use in their marketing - but it applies to your business behind the chair, also. Implementing these three factors in to every service is guaranteed to help you retain more clients, and keep your business running smoothly. At the end of the day - we want our clients to know, like, and trust us. Thats how we keep them, and more importantly - keep them happy.

Here’s a basic breakdown of how you can use this in your business starting today:

  1. Know

    • Position yourself as an authority in your field.

      It’s ridiculously important that you have the upper hand in your client/stylist relationship. I don’t mean this in a power way - but you should be more knowledgeable in all things hair than they are, and that should be clear. Social media and platforms like you tube have a lot of clients thinking they know the in’s and out’s of what we do, when in reality half of them still can’t pronounce “balayage” correctly. In order to be known as someone who is knowledgable, you need the knowledge. Study your shit, take classes, and remember your basics. This is not a “fake the funk” kind of thing, you have to put in the work.

    • Have a conversation point

      Another way to be “known” as a successful hairstylist in your field is to give your clients a talking point. This all goes back to the client experience and what you’re doing to serve them outside of just their hair. Maybe it’s your referral program, or the fact that you serve free wine. A conversation point is something that will make them want to tell their friends. “Not only did my hair turn out perfectly, but she gave me the best massage during the shampoo.”

    • the last part of “know” is the simple aspect: do they know you? You don’t need to share intimate details of your personal life with them, but they should feel like they can connect with you on a level outside of just hair. Sprinkling parts of your personality and yourself in to your marketing can be the difference between a client choosing you or choosing another stylist.

  2. Like

    • Be yourself

      Part of what draws people to you is going to be the things that make you, well.. you. Maybe you have a deep obsession with The Office or you feed feral cats in your free time. In order to like you, people need to connect with you. And in order to connect with you, you’re going to have to let them in a little.

    • Be personable

      Being likable means being someone people want to be around. I’m not saying that every day you need to be bubbly. I’m saying that you have to try. Someone once told me that when you’re working with clients it helps to pretend like you’re going out on stage and putting on an “act.” I know this can be exhausting at first, but pretty soon it becomes second nature.

  3. Trust

    • Be professional

      No one trusts a stylist in a sports bra. What I mean here is that you have to keep your shit professional. Show up on time, keep your area clean, look presentable : however that fits in to your own personal style.

    • Deliver on your promises

      I’m not necessarily talking about underpromising and over delivering here, though that counts, too. I’m talking about delivering on your promise to yourself to be someone who takes their career seriously and who is going to do great things. Keep your promise to yourself, and your clients, to always give them your best.

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