Change your money mentality; Change your business.


Where does your mind go when you hear the word “Money” ?

Do you automatically cringe and think of charging your clients and the pain it brings you to raise your prices? Or do you love it, have it, know theres enough of it, and never worry? If you’re anything like me, the first one is a more accurate description of your reaction. (if you’re the other one, you’re good to go and don’t need to read any further, congrats!)

What does a crappy money mindset do to us behind the chair? For one, it stifles our growth. In short, it causes us to think more of our clients money than our clients needs, and has us feeling a lack of abundance and questioning our worth in our work. We keep ourselves small because we think it makes others feel comfortable, and we run our business from a place of fear.

Running your business when you’re stuck in scarcity is brutally exhausting.

The good news is that your belief around money is just that: a belief. It can be altered whenever you’re ready - and as soon as you change your mindset, you can change your business drastically. Imagine not worrying about what you’re charging, feeling amazing about the money you spend and the money you make, and knowing that there is plenty of money and success to go around…

Sounds better, right?

Here are some of the things i’ve put in to practice in my own life to change my mindset around money from scarcity to abundance. These few practices changed not only my viewpoint, but my mental space as a whole. and more importantly, my income.

  1. Put the focus on what you’re offering, not what you’re charging.

    The first thing I would suggest doing is to change what your focus is on when you’re with clients. Instead of worrying about what the cost means to them and keeping your hand in their wallet - focus on the years of education and tools you’ve had to invest in to provide them with this service and how amazing it is that you’re able to use your gifts to help enhance their life. Or, think about how much you’re giving to them in that 1-5 hour appointment. You’re not just making them look good. You’re giving them their self confidence back, you’re educating them on how to care for their hair, and 90% of the time… you’re their unlicensed therapist. They’re getting a lot out of this appointment with you - and as soon as you shift that focus, you’ll start thinking more about your worth and less about the price tag.

  2. Everytime you spend money, think about even more coming back to you.

    I started practicing this recently and honestly, it feels good. From a caramel machiatto to a brand new pair of jeans, I tell myself that what i purchase is an investment and that the money I spend a) has a purpose and b) will come back to me in bigger in better ways. Imagine the five dollars you spend on coffee making its way to a paycheck, which is then used to buy text books, and then entered in to a teachers salary, who is then getting her hair done by you and gives you a 30 dollar tip. That five grew to 30 and now it’s all yours.

    *Disclaimer: don’t go spending a ton of money just because I told you this. I don’t want anyone going broke, so start practicing this with your regular purchases like gas and groceries first.

  3. Change your language.

    Do you ever listen to yourself talk about money? The first time I heard someone bring this point up, I listened carefully to myself for the next few days and I was shocked. I have this horrible, negative and vulgar language around money that only makes my situation worse. I tell people things like “I’m too broke for that” or “I can never afford vacations.” Honestly, it’s probably pretty annoying to the people who have to listen to it and honestly: it’s not true. The truth, which i’ve changed my language to match recently is this: “That’s not a priority for me right now” and “I’m saving up to take a real vacation next year.” Even if you do feel a sense of lack and can’t afford the things you want, you can change the way you think and talk about these things to hold it in a more positive and abundant light. What you say, your mind will believe. and what you believe becomes your truth.

Changing your money mentality takes time, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start small and make big strides. I’m still working on mine daily, and I catch myself saying and/or believing the wrong things around money constantly. I suppose that the growth lies in the fact that I notice it more now and consicously choose to change my direction when it happens. Got questions, comments, suggestions? Let me know below!

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