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How to elevate your clients experience

What steps do you take to ensure that your client is comfortable and that you’re giving them the best service you’re capable of? I’m wrapping all of that up with a bow here by covering some of what I think are the most important aspects to your client’s experience:

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Keeping your cool with high maintenance clients

High maintenance clients: we all have them, have had them, or will have them at some point. Sometimes it’s the client that shows up late or is a serial rescheduler. Other times it’s the client who needs your full undivided attention, 12 beverages, and 3 extra towels while they are processing. Let me give you a few pointers on dealing with these specific types of clients:

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Struggling with product sales? Here's your solution.

Product sales: something most of us struggle with and few seem to flourish at. Here's my take: we're simply not educating our clients enough. We're letting them walk out of the salon not knowing how to care for the hair they just spent $250 on, or not knowing how to recreate the style we just magically transformed on them.

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